Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've Got a Secret

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my mom and family for a very brief few days in Dallas. It was wonderful to return to my roots and hear people who talk “raht” (right). The funny thing is that I spoke to two of my children on the phone while I was away, and both of them commented on my Texas accent. I slip right back into my old way of talking when I’m there.

That really has no deep spiritual application or meaning whatsoever. It’s just a trivial little confession while I am stalling and trying to hold my tongue. You see, (here comes the bigger confession), I am very, very bad at keeping secrets. That’s the truth. I’m better than I used to be, when I would insist “I can keep a secret; it’s the people I tell who can’t keep a secret!” But it’s still a struggle.

As long as I have a secret, I simply cannot keep my mind off it. I’ve started this post numerous times on a variety of topics, but everything in me is dying to blab a secret. I’m not sure the editor will let me spill the beans just yet. Darn. This is killing me. You will just love it. It’s right up there with the 35% discount off T-Tapp.

No, I will be good. I will not so much as give a hint until I’m granted official permission. Maybe for the right price…. No, not even then.

The best bribe you might have dangled would be a Kindle, since I’ve been hankering for one for quite a while. However, I got curious and opened a box my husband had ordered from Amazon that was shipped to my mom’s house, and found a Kindle inside, which I am almost certain will appear as a gift to me on my birthday next month. So don’t bother bribing me with a Kindle.

Whew. Now that I divulged the secret that I opened my birthday present before it was even wrapped, I think I can keep the other secret a little while longer. Now I’m off to pester Cindy and see if she will let me share the news next week. You will love it. Oh, I said that already.

For now I’m off to confide in my trusty journal, which is what I generally do when there is something I want to say but shouldn’t. It contains many secrets of my heart.

How about you? Any confessions you can share to keep my mind off the surprise?

IRL*You really are going to love it.


  1. Shame on you!!! Hahaha (I LOVE surprises!!!) Won't you be surprised if that Kindle doesn't show up wrapped next to your birthday cake?!! . . .Funny how different people are. I'd never peek at a gift, but daughter Katie guesses what everything is my before it is opened! I think sometimes she peeks, too!!

  2. Tut tut, what if the kindle shows up next to your HUSBAND'S birthday cake?! Come on...what gives? You know it is going to spill out real soon...better to just get it over with! fern

  3. Haha. I'm so bad. Here's one tiny hint. It will be a blessing to women serving cross-culturally, not necessarily all the other readers.

    Here's another confession. I let my kids help me wrap Christmas presents just so someone is in on the secrets inside them. Otherwise I'm likely to blab what they are getting.

  4. I was so bad about guessing presents at Christmas when I was younger (still am if I'm honest) that one year my mom wrapped up a clear plastic box with a big red ribbon and bow and put it under the tree informing me that it was my Christmas present. I kept insisting that it was just an empty box. Of course she put it out THREE WEEKS before Christmas to torment me. Christmas morning came and I couldn't wait to open the present and prove that I was right. My turn came and I ripped off the ribbon, took off the top of the box and stuck my hand inside. "See," I said, "it's empty." My mom said, "Did you look at every bit of the present?" I wasn't sure what she meant since there was just the box, until I remembered the ribbon. Picking it up and examining it, I discovered that it was two pieces stuck together and there was something inside. It was a receipt for a local jewelry store to pick up my class ring! Didn't quite cure me, but it helped a bit. My mom warned my husband when we got married and gave him tips on how to confuse me!

  5. Kristy, I sure hope my husband didn't read this comment and get ideas of how to trick me.

    I can't believe y'all are being so polite and not begging for a hint or anything!

  6. Yeah, I suspect Cindy might not let you give out a hint... so no begging here!

  7. OK, I'm begging! (Believe it or not, I intentionally "swung by" here again tonight wondering if the cat was out of the bag yet...)

  8. Actually the cat was supposed to be out of the bag, but I think there must be a technical difficulty this morning. Our editor will publish today's post when she can. Not intentionally drawing out the suspense, but....

    Here's a hint: it's an extension of the IRL blog that will be a private place for us to share more freely.

  9. Yeah, I've been checking and checking... but no surprise yet.

    It'll be all your fault if I have no nails left by the end of the day! humpf!


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