Other WOTH Blogs

The Yellow Dress 
Generation Next is having her say! Sarah's voice will reflect the young, single woman serving cross-culturally, but she will cleverly inform us all,
just from a different and refreshing point of view.
Fresh content every Tuesday.
Videos. Playlists. Books. Photos.

Coffeegirl's Community
It's a place of connection between women serving cross-culturally and the WOTH ministry. We post fresh content weekly on Monday; featuring the “Story Behind the Photo” -- the back story of the photo used in Picture Praise, WOTH's free e-photo devotional, by the woman who took the shot. 

Coffeegirl's Community also offers: 
An archive of 18 months of Coffeegirl Confessions—the musings of a first-term woman serving cross-culturally and the life she encountered.
Plus a blog roll of 75+ women ready to connect in the global harvest fields!

WOTH Writer's Blog
Value your voice—we do! Women serving cross-culturally have a unique take on events and a distinct point of view that needs to be told. We want you to start telling (and writing) your stories. Gain insight and help from published women eager to share their writing expertise with you.

Each Tuesday we will have a new post that will inspire and encourage you to value your voice.


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