WOTH Articles by Jamie Jo

Pouring It Out : Is it boastful to acknowledge how God helped me overcome my lack of desire to "keep on serving" when it seems unappreciated?

How Not to Buy Birth Control I have never in my life ever purchased any form of birth control...until today.   

If First Impressions are Important, Then I'm in Trouble: First impressions are vital, I taught them, which meant that we must tidy up and scrub down the house, removing any and all evidence that real people actually live here.

The Guilt Trip : What would people think to see these 'missionaries' at such a hoity-toity place, driving such a cool car, dressed like we were rich and famous?

Lost Boys : Lost in suburbia, my MK sons turned to the police for help. That's when things really went astray.

If I Didn't Laugh -- Judge Not: Two short stories that never made it into our prayer letter.

      The Ultimate Irony:  I will never forget the joyous occasion when word reached me of an upcoming ladies' retreat for my agency's women. My friend Lila, who at that time lived in an even more remote location with two small boys of her own, likewise heard about this getaway weekend. It sounded just like the ticket...


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