Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jamie Jo Picks a Winner!


  1. Oops. Next time I'll have dd write the names in mirror image form! Now you see how I see myself with the dimple on the "wrong" side. :)

  2. It sure is fun to see you in this video clip. You're just as cute as I imagined! I did notice that you had your hair combed to the other side from the picture on your blog, but I guess what we're seeing is a mirror image. You're adorable even if we're seeing a mirror image!


  3. I smiled my way through watching this... loved seeing and hearing you, after "reading" you so long! Fun!

  4. Thanks for doing the video! How fun to "see" you!

  5. I too enjoyed hearing you Jamie Jo! Love that accent!

  6. I second what everyone else said. How fun to see and hear you! Thanks so much for the video.

  7. YAY! Thanks!!!
    I'm actually in the States this summer, which means my internet connection is fast enough to actually USE iTunes! Excited to stock up on some good music before we return to Lebanon! :)

  8. Enjoy your prize, Nicolette!

    Sounds like y'all enjoyed my little video clip. (What accent, Beth?) Haha.

    Okay, now that I've learned how to upload video, maybe we'll do this again sometime. Personally I don't like the sound of my voice like that, but oh well....


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