Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Tapping In

IRL*This is Jamie Jo's 89th blog post...amazing! Get some rest, dear friend.


  1. Jamie Jo, you are a natural on video! I laughed that this took you longer than a blog. I can imagine that it certainly did.

    It was nice to listen to your update from your corner of the world. I'm not doing T-Tapp, but I'm going to check it out. But I HAVE restarted daily pilates, also in the morning as I've started back to school. After a 5 month break, it was high time.

    Blessings on your week with your team.

  2. I don't T-tap. I walk and run and bike and chase after kids because I can do that here. Right now, I want to learn how to dance as exercise since I have decided I do not want to be a legalistic person anymore! :)

    But, I wanted to say you look much younger in real life than you do in your picture on your blog! Nice to see you and hear your voice, and yeah, videos take a long time to do... :)

  3. Compliments will get you everywhere, my dear friends. Thanks! No shame for not jumping on my imaginary bandwagon. Good to hear you are doing something exercise-wise.

    Good for you, Ellie, on ditching legalism, though living overseas, many of us have to be discrete about our new-found freedom (to avoid offending the nationals). For a P.E. credit, I sent one dd to the next town for (horrors!) salsa dance lessons. You'll sweat up a storm that way, I'll tell ya!


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