Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On the Streets Where I Lived

Is it really almost mid-January already? I know that time speeds up as we get older, but this year in particular seems to be racing in ridiculously fast motion.

Since New Year’s we have put 1300 miles on our old Suburban, driving to Guatemala and back with our three teens plus one college daughter. This epic road trip brought back many memories of insane border trips we used to make back before we had more permanent visas. This particular trip included an excursion or two down memory lane, as we took our youngest four children to the places where we used to live with the oldest three boys many years ago.

So much has changed over the years. Our old village is now incredibly modern. The roads are paved, people still dress in native garb but can be seen talking and texting on cell phones, and our old little house has been transformed into a 2-story modern house. Now the kids will never believe our wacky tales of life without indoor plumbing and having to hand-wash cloth diapers out in the yard.

Visiting our old language tutors, coworkers, and native missionaries, we were further astonished at how much things have improved for them over the years. The whole trip was a blessing.
Now it is time for back-to-school, back to healthier eating, back to exercise, and back to writing again. After visiting some friends in Chiapas on our way back to Oaxaca, I am adopting some new health gimmicks habits. In case you haven’t figured this out, I am forever on a quest for better nutrition.

Some of the things I have bought into in the past that I still dabble in (look them up on the web for your amusement/education):
  • Neti pot - check out some hilarious videos on YouTube making fun of this natural remedy for sinus congestion.
  • Kombucha tea -which my kids call “Happy Tea” due to its teensy (less than 1%) alcohol content . One of my longest lasting fads, almost daily fermenting behind the coffee pot; according to the Internet it will cure whatever ails you.
  • Sea Salt instead of iodized table salt (okay, so what if it’s pink?).
  • Alpiste - canary seed “milk” – supposedly good for high blood pressure.
  • Nopal cactus – balances blood sugar levels, etc. Again the kids tease me about this which I am known to throw in my green smoothies along with spinach and fresh fruits.
  • Coconut oil which you read about in 2010 when I used it in place of commercial skin care products, resulting in a sun tan.
  • Oil pulling - another cheap way to detox the old body and supposedly whiten and clean teeth) – my latest craze.
Last week I brought back a 5-gallon drum of pure coconut oil, thanks to my health guru friends in Chiapas. I can’t wait to see what all I can do now that I don’t have to carefully ration my supply! I also bought a large supply of Himalayan salt.

How about you? Anything new you are dabbling in this New Year? Any new habits you want to develop? How about exercise? Found anything that works for you? What about daily devotions? I now have several free books on my Kindle, but I need to commit to one for 2012.

IRL* It may go fast, but I have a feeling this is going to be another wonderful year.


  1. Great Post!! So glad you got to go! Must have been fun for the children.

  2. umm...yes, dear husband wants to try eating vegan - at least for one meal a week! :lol: so i've learned for the first time how to cook dried beans; it's amazingly easy in the crockpot! but i'm afraid i went a little bananas and the cupboard is full of beans...

  3. ...probiotics are one of my thingys. and NOW finding out recently that I have an heavy food intolerance to all dairy and egg!! (What??!...and how many long years have I been poisoning my body with those cheesy eggs??). So, we are going egg free and dairy free in our house---and this is a learning curve when it comes to baking to be sure!

  4. Good to hear from you all. Vegan would be a stretch. Even going without eggs and dairy would be a challenge. Hope you both find good health at the end of your resolutions for this year.

    Thanks, Rachel. We had a great time on our trip!

  5. You def. got me googling!!! I have the usual (?!) ideas for my new year. Be healthier, study more, give my kiddos more of their mama's full attention! :)

  6. In your googling, did you see anything about Kombucha having probiotics? I think I remember that. I know it's full of enzymes.

    What are you studying, Suz?


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