Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fiery Darts

Awareness of sin, repentance, walking with God, smooth sailing, suffering, God’s grace, spiritual growth – and the beat goes on, as they say. Throw in a few fiery darts from the enemy during the suffering chapters, and that about covers it. The story of my life.
When am I going to wake up and smell the coffee Kombucha? It’s the same little pesky attacks that trip me up every time. Why can’t I anticipate them and prepare myself for the battle? Instead I freak out at the slightest hint of discomfort and revert to a whiney baby who begs for someone to deliver me out of my troubles.
It’s the continuing saga of the summer furlough (not a vacation) that launched my latest kerfuffle. I’ve become a melodramatic teenager again – on cloud nine one day and in the depths of despair the next, sighing like one of my daughter’s Facebook statuses “I hate my life!” or “Oh, good – Leap Year – one more day of problems this year.” (Actually I made that one up myself.)
Finally I’ve decided it’s time to grow up and move on.
What happened last week was this: I decided all my fretting and finagling was getting me nowhere, so I repented and put my worries back in God’s hands. Within twenty-four hours, we found affordable airline tickets to the U.S. in June, a car to borrow, and an ideal place to live. All was well on cloud nine.
The very next morning we got an early phone call saying no, actually the rental house is not available after all. We’ll have to keep looking for a place to stay this summer. Are you kidding, Lord? What’s this all about?
Way too immediately I welcomed back my former enemy/companion/burden, and spent the next twenty-four hours worrying again. “Woe is me.” Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a littler bit worse.
Just as quickly I realized that:
1. Life is still really, really good, and
2. God has it all in control, and
3. Occasional suffering is good, forcing me further along the road to spiritual growth, and lastly
4. There is an enemy lurking in my head planting incredibly stupid lies.
When I am down (particularly when I am sick), it happens every time. Suffering leads to immediate attack. When I get too busy fretting to analyze the thoughts that ricochet in my brain, I am in trouble. When I sit still and listen to my Father’s voice, the lies become clear.
“He doesn’t care for you.” That’s the biggest one of all. It’s not true! He does care, and He is providing everything I need. Satan is a liar.
I’m simply going to have to trust Him (at least for today). How about you?
IRL* Summer plans are still a bit hazy, but God has it under control.


  1. It is interesting how worry can plague... I just wrote a post today on this very subject in my own life. Thanks for your honesty and your good reminders. God is good and He does have it all in His loving hands... and He loves me! (and you) very much. Good thoughts here.

    1. is the link to Stephanie's post citing many of the same verses God showed me last week when I was in a dither. Thanks for your words, too, Koodaigirl.

  2. I remember how I worried before we had our home leave last winter. Where would we live? what would we drive? Our support level was so low at that time, I wondered how we'd be able to live in America, pay bills, etc. He provided, totally!! It was so amazing how everything fell into place and how He provided through the body to give us just what we needed.

    1. I want to sign my name to this exact comment in September when my summer is behind me. Praise the Lord for His provision in your life.


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