Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vote Early. Vote Often.

Thanks, ladies, for your submissions.

Now the rest of you all can vote on your favorite photo that best depicts, "Sign of the Times." Or just vote for your favorite photographer. We encourage ballot box please send all your friends this way to vote. The photo with the most votes wins an iTunes gift card! ($15). Voting ends on Tuesday, April 6 @ 11:59 PM.
Have fun with this contest! Happy Easter, dear friends.

PHOTO #1: C. S., RAC

I’m a new int’l worker in a county where we don’t have a reliable power supply. One night in the middle of doing some language study and reviewing a video of my lesson, the power went out. So, as usual, I lit some candles in my apartment and brought one back to my computer so I could continue to study (I was taking notes/reviewing vocab with the video). Struck me as odd – studying with my laptop, but not having electricity!

PHOTO #2: Claire Plantenga, Bolivia

Here's a photo I took on September 12, 2009 in Sucre, Bolivia where we serve with Food for the Hungry. The girl on the cell phone (left) is dressed to participate in a downtown parade celebration, while the woman on the right (probably her mom) is waiting and wearing the traditional everyday dress for this area of Bolivia. Just down the block from where I took this photo, I also saw another parade participant dressed completely in ancient cultural clothing--and using the ATM! Wishing I took a photo of that. It really made me smile to see the "old and new" together.

PHOTO #3: Michelle Kiprop, Kenya

This picture is from a Kenyan wedding we attended on New Years Eve 2009. The bride and groom are showing her family the cows they will be receiving for her dowry. Meanwhile the entire event is being captured on camcorders!


  1. I love all three... all three made me chuckle. How do I even pick one??

  2. I know, right? They are great!!! Thanks for participating.

  3. They're all great, but I confess that I'm a biased friend. vote goes to Michelle's photo! :o)

  4. Love these pictures! Hard to choose! Wish all three could win! :)

  5. With a busy week last week, I missed the contest posting! I'm so bummed! Jamie, we DO have the guy with the ox in the field using the cellphone around here! =) It cracks me up every time I see it. Just driving around, we see so many different clashes of modern and old -- fascinating!
    -Lisa B., Peru

  6. Congratulations, Michele!!! Woo-woo!

    Lisa, and others, feel free to send your photos to the editor even though the contest is over. You never know, she might find another use for them someday.


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