Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jamie Hush

During my week in Colorado, I had the privilege of representing you, the readers of WOTH online publications, by saying a few words at the Women of the Harvest Celebration Brunch. It was great to meet with donors who help fund these publications and the Retreats. I trust I expressed appreciation on behalf of all who enjoy the WOTH onlineMagazine, the WOTH Writer’s blog, Coffeegirl, the Weekly Word, and even this IRL blog.

The theme of the celebration was “Value Her Voice.” Check out the video in the side bar with a gripping story that was shared at the brunch. (Feel free to share it with friends who might be interested in sponsoring someone to attend the Retreat in India next month.)

It was a bit daunting to have to stand up and speak after this heart-felt testimony from our sister in India. Secretly, though, as I was watching her interview and listening to another woman who was speaking via Skype, I was thankful to be there in person so my face wouldn't be plastered across a BIG ol’ projection screen. Then as I was introduced, my new friend and visionary for this blog, our dear editor, Cindy, began a series of Photoshopped images of me that she created to liven up my sometimes otherwise “blah” posts. So much for not having my big face up on the screen my face on the big screen!

Well, I recovered my questionable poise and started my talk with a story of my own journey to having my voice valued. The audience laughed when I shared the family joke that until the age of six I honestly believed my name was “Jamie Hush!”

Later on I admitted to Cindy the less funny reality behind that joke, how we have a true enemy who wants nothing more than to shut us up. He knows that he is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Somewhere along the way, we all get discouraged trying to share a story that no one seems to want to hear.

Granted, when I was younger I gabbed non-discriminately, and I needed to learn to listen. But then somehow I took people’s admonishment to be quiet as a personal wound to my heart. John Eldredge and other authors have noted that Satan can do nothing to stamp out the glory of God, so instead he attacks us in the unique ways that we reflect God’s glory.

For me it is the gift of story telling and communication, which even as I admit this, triggers an irrational dose of shame. That’s my lifelong battle.

Can you think of areas like that in your own life, where you especially shine with God’s glory, only to have it squelched? I’d love to hear your stories about that.
IRL* Thankful for my new friends at WOTH who really do value my voice (our collective voice!) and help me (us) to shine shamelessly.


  1. Jamie glad your talking now and reflecting the Lord with your writing and words. Fauche

  2. I swear I have a child with your same last name...

    trying to get a moment when he is NOT talking is a struggle. He distracts himself from everything. He even talks himself to sleep!

    But I wonder - how do I parent him without silencing his voice and his worth... but without going completely bonkers myself?

  3. Actually I have a child like that, too. You'd think I of all people would have an answer to that question. I don't. Actually I really don't blame my parents or siblings for the wound I allude to. I should have said that very clearly.

    The wound came when somehow Satan planted a false thought in my head that my words were worthless, or that I should be ashamed because my writing style isn't the same as someone else's.

    I'm trying to teach "Jonny Hush" that he is a great communicator, and that God will use that gift in a powerful way, BUT... self-control is also a spiritual fruit that we need to receive. I share with him my own struggle to not talk too much, but to be controlled by the Holy Spirit.

    Even as an adult, the message "Jamie Hush" is a recurring attack. I can't explain it very well. The battle is in my head and in my heart, not so much openly.


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