Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When It Rains...

Life comes in waves. A couple of weeks ago I was complaining about being bored. No sooner had I published that than life got interesting in a hurry. Unexpected guests showed up for meals several days straight, followed by two weeks of some out-of-towners needing breakfast, lunch and dinner. My dear husband, dh*/Methuselah*/Jim helped with breakfast each morning with a typical Mexican breakfast they would like, so I can’t complain, but it did make the pace pick up around here.

Then circumstances forced us to do the daily “Laundry Line Dance. “ Living in a desert, we come to expect sunshine almost daily, 365 days a year. Even during rainy season we can generally manage without clothes dryer, hanging clothes in the mornings and removing them in the afternoon before the rain. Not the last few weeks, though. Several hurricanes and tropical storms have sent torrential rains even to this high desert.

Oh, and then the water pump died. That made for an interesting day. And wouldn’t you know it that was the very day the sun came out? Finally I could have dried the clothes if only I could have washed. My dh* came to the rescue once again, and brought a new pump back from a trip to the city. The next sunny morning, he was off to the city for yet another ministry errand while I was gleefully washing clothes, and then I realized something was terribly wrong.

Water was pouring – and I mean pouring! –off the roof. My dear daughter [dd*] and I looked at each other dumb-founded. This had happened many times through the years, but always one of the boys took care of it, shimmying up the tree to the roof to jiggle the floater that is supposed to indicate the tanks are full. Neither dd* nor I knew how to get on the roof since the one essential branch had broken. The gardener next door saw our dilemma, and brought a ladder over to solve the problem for us. Thank you, Lord.

Finally we settled back into home schooling, taking a break to hang the laundry when the rinse cycle completed itself. Within an hour, it started to rain. No sooner had the laundry been brought inside, it stopped. The sun came out, and we had to hang it all again (this time with the help of a local girl who helps me a few hours several times a week). It was just one of those days. We’ve all had them.

Thursday was another of those days, with a near-impossible trip to the orthodontist amid another deluge, traffic, roadblocks, detours, and potholes. On our arrival home, the road was under water, and we sloshed through deep mud, slid around a bit, and well, you get the idea. Two of my friends’ houses were ankle-deep in water, so I really can’t complain.

IRL* This week I have an escape. I am in Colorado, meeting our WOTH editor. This excitement is more to my liking.

[*see sidebar, Jamie Jo Speak]


  1. asking very sincerely - what do you do when the struggle, challenge, etc. to walk in contentment is just too hard??? How do you not let circumstances get you down (when you don't have an IRL escape to get you through...?)

  2. Answering very humbly, there is no easy answer to this. I could tell you some unhealthy ways I used to handle it. Escaping in novels, shopping for bargains online, or just blaming my husband or anyone else within range. None of those work.

    The most helpful thing for me is to connect with my online support group through Sonlight Curriculum. The international ladies there have become like a family, and we lift each other up in prayer, and just listen when someone is down. Reading others' experiences and stories really puts life back in proper perspective.

    Also I journal my journey through discontentment, acknowledging my pain and begging God to help me see things as He sees them.

    Regularly I make a list of all the things I am thankful for. That in itself is often restorative.

    And lastly I just try to force myself to get out of the house and walk in the sunshine. When you are sinking into a funk, that's the last thing you want to do is get out of the house.

    No, one more thing. If you can confide in a friend who is experienced in spiritual warfare, I think it's vital to consider the source of your feelings. When joy is illusive, maybe there is an enemy in the story whispering lies to your heart and blinding you to the truth.

    My heart seriously goes out to my friends in difficult circumstances without a ready escape. I'm praying for all of you readers today. (((The Reader))) (Those are cyber hugs.)

  3. My current stateside situation is much different; but I have years of memories just like you described. I feel your pain, and yet the memories bring a smile to my face. Go figure.

  4. thanks, JJ. Very helpful. I am on the SL boards and around the Island, but even there I feel a bit like a misfit since I am not in the same line of work as many. So I guess a follow-up -- what do you do if even your on-line community begins to feel like a place of isolation?

    I will journal; been pondering that lately. I have been revealed lately a few truths - He is in the midst, and the valley will end. Meanwhile, maybe you can pray for me?

    (I'm TxH over on the SL boards....)


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